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Initial Consultations

A complementary first meeting to discuss the family's communication concerns and answer any initial questions. Together we will determine the need for a screening first or an evaluation. A screening is a quick tool to determine if skills are on track or if a comprehensive evaluation is needed in any major area of communication (speech sounds, language, voice, resonance, fluency). 



Individualized therapy sessions focused on:

articulation (speech sound production) 

executive functions

expressive language (spoken language)

receptive language (understanding of language)

pragmatic language (social skills)

pre-reading skills 

*Each session includes caregiver support &  coaching!


A comprehensive communication assessment, clinical interpretation and detailed written report. The evaluation process includes a deep dive into the child's current communication strengths and needs. Evaluations take approximately 1-2 hours and include a hearing screening as needed. We will then meet to discuss recommendations for treatment or monitoring, and referrals to allied professionals if needed  (e.g. ENT, cleft palate team, audiologist). 

Additional Services

Customized support with understanding school Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), preparing for special education meetings and advocating for the unique needs of your child.

Stand alone hearing screenings may also be conducted at your convenience.

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